Seaside Pittie Pillowcase

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Seaside Pittie Silky-Soft Cotton Pillowcase.


We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so why not make your bed a welcoming place to be? Elevate both your days and nights with custom-printed bed pillow cases by Whimzy Tees. These cotton sateen pillowcases are made for both comfort and durability in art-based pieces to perfectly match the duvets in the Pet-a-licous Collection.

And, what better place to keep a personal art collection than your own personal sanctuary - your bedroom. Lay your head down to sleep each night on a digitally printed piece of art with these exclusive-by-design bed pillow cases. Your prints will never fade, no matter how often you wash your linens. Available in both standard and king size, these pillowcases will carry you to sleep in stylish luxury!


  • Made from silky-soft cotton sateen
  • Made to order in Canada
  • Available in both standard and king size
  • Double-sided print sleeve/envelope
  • 3 inch foldover edge finishing

  • For first washing, rinse separately from other laundry with cold water.
  • Following the rinse, run a normal cycle with cold water and detergent.
  • Machine dry on high.
  • Wash normally in cold water for subsequent washings.
  • Can be dry cleaned.
  • Do not bleach